Existing Customer?

Existing Customer?


Placka Co. is a Tech company that specializes in Website Design.

Along with this we offer other services that help companies grow. Placka Co. was founded by Derick Placka, in August of 2021. What started off as a small hobby lead me to find my true passion for building and developing websites and apps that suit my customers every need. I promise after you use Placka Co. we guarantee your satisfaction and if you're not pleased with your product we will gladly refund you. We truly care about our customers and would never want you to settle for anything less than the best.

-Placka Company.

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Why Choose us?

We are a web design agency that focuses on usability, user-experience, and the end-user. We want to make sure that what we offer is easy, affordable, and most importantly of all - effective. We make all of our websites from scratch so you truly have a one of a kind website.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No there isn't. You can cancel at anytime and your website will be live till the next billing date.

When will app and software development be available?

We are expecting App and software development to be available around mid 2022.

Will my monthly fees ever change?

No. Whatever we agree upon in the official purchase agreement will be your price until you decide to cancel your service with us.

What kind of websites do you guys build?

We can build any website any company or persons may need. Placka Co. may be a new company but our lead web designer has been building websites for over 7 years.

What are you guys using to make your websites?

Here at Placka Co. we use WordPress. We feel it is by far the easiest for the customers to interact with and use with ease.

What happens if I don't like the product?

We make our websites from scratch, meaning as long as you have a general idea of the website you want to make, we can make it a reality. If you don't for any reason like the website that we first design for you, you can tell us the changes you would like BEFORE you agree to the live website and we will make sure to accommodate those updates!

What happens if I can no longer pay for the monthly fee?

Your website will always be safe on our personally owned Placka Co. Website servers. Whenever a monthly payment isn't made, 2 weeks after payment isn't received it will throw a "Maintenance being done" on your website front page for your customers to see. 1 Month after payment isn't received the payments will stop recurring and the website will be down until payment is received. Once payment is received your website will be re-instated and become live again for you and your customers to see.

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