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Website is under construction!

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Down Payment: $140
Monthly Payment: $40

Monthly Payment Due Date: To be announced.

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Website To-Do List.

  • Add in new Color Scheme

  • Transfer Data onto Home Page (one long page)

  • Remove the "Blog" and "Work with Us" Tabs

  • Include the title of "President" for Joe and "Director" for Wendy

  • Add in Profile Pictures and Biography

  • Easy Contact Us Form

  • Testimonials

  • Delete any reference to the free 20 min consultation

  • Add All Pages

  • Add Log In // Register Pages

  • Fix Photo for Services Background

  • Add in Social Links to Header Icons

  • Add Social Icons for Joe and Wendy under profile pic

  • Re-worded Biography Added

  • Finish Logged in user Dashboard

  • Project Manager System Added

  • HR Portal, Accounting Portal, And Client Relationship Manager Portal Added

  • *ONCE APPROVED PC THEME* Finish Theme for Tablet / Mobile

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© 2021 Placka Co.