Existing Customer?

Existing Customer?

Social Media Content Creation

Welcome ! All Information needed will be provided here.


Hello Placka Co. Social Media content creation team! Below are the following steps you must take in order to successfully create a social media post that can be used publicly and throughout several social media platforms.

  • Step 1: Learn the product

    Learn the basic description of what the product is and what it does so you can communicate a small description into our writing AI software.

  • Step 2: Create the product description using Rytr

    Rytr AI Assistant: https://rytr.me/

    Google Search = How to use Rytr

    (NOTE: We have a monthly cap on how much can be written at the moment, please keep all things the AI writes so we can use it for further writing if needed.)
    Click Start Ryting
    Continue with Email

    Placka Co. Rytr login information

    Email: info@plackaco.com
    Password: PlackaCo21

  • Step 3: Find a photoshop layout/template

    • Find 1 or 2 layouts you can use for all the products per company. You can make 2 posts per 1 product if the layout and wording is different for most of our clients.
  • Step 4: Product Image

    Image should be 1000px X 1000px
    (1:1) Ratio

  • Step 4: Get Approval for post

    Once you have a decent product description, and finished the PNG or JPEG image for the product, you can send it to me via discord.

  • (Future Steps)

    Step 5: Set-Up posts in Placka Co Social media management software

    Step 6: Test Post

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© 2021 Placka Co.

© 2021 Placka Co.